11 June 2004 12:40 Weekly roundup

I feel I haven’t been updating this site much recently, so here’s a round up.

My video editing is complete, but not yet available for viewing for the general public.
Why do you start getting brochures through for Florida after booking a holiday to Iceland? It’s not like the two have anything in common.
My newish webstats for this site are proving interesting, and not at all what I’d originally thought.

Top 10 Browsers

Explorer 76.00%
Firefox 12.89%
Mozilla 4.00%
Opera 2.22%
Java 1.78%
Netscape 0.89%
Konqueror 0.89%
Other 0.44%
Firebird 0.44%
Safari 0.44%

Top 10 Operating Systems

Windows XP 53.78%
Windows 2000 23.11%
Windows 98 11.56%
Other 3.11%
Windows ME 3.11%
Linux 2.22%
Windows NT 1.33%
MacOS PPC 0.89%
Windows 2003 0.44%
MacOS X 0.44%

Top 10 Extensions

United States 71.96%
United Kingdom 11.83%
Canada 2.92%
China 1.78%
Netherlands 1.78%
Australia 1.30%
Sweden 1.13%
Germany 1.13%
Belgium 0.81%
Hong Kong 0.65%

Am I right in thinking most of the Chinese visitors are really spiders searching for email addresses?

I’m considering a trip to Leeds tomorrow, I need to go to the bank fairly early anyway and don’t have a lot else that needs doing.

And will somebody please explain all the tips and tricks for Firefox? I dropped my mouse and somehow got an information box appear on an image the cursor was hovering over.

11:07 Apache, vhost, modproxy

The instructions on vhosts working with mod_proxy are a little vague, so it’s time to write up my own howto. I wanted to be able to run the almostfamous.co.uk domain from my server, whilst being able to use a seperate dyndns address for another server. The firewall can’t route traffic based on hostname, so it had to be done with the primary Apache server. Here’s what I did.

  • Have the firewall route all traffic on port 80 to – the internal IP address of the primary Apache server.
  • Load the two required modules within httpd.conf:
    LoadModule vhost_alias_module modules/mod_vhost_alias.so
    LoadModule proxy_module modules/mod_proxy.so
  • Add the two required modules within httpd.conf:
    AddModule mod_alias.c
    AddModule mod_proxy.c

    This was already setup for me, as I was using vhosts for an SSL server.

  • Add
    ServerName almostfamous.co.uk
  • Turn on virtual host names by adding
    NameVirtualHost *
  • Add a “default” vhost for the almostfamous.co.uk domain:
    <virtualhost *>
        ServerAdmin webmaster@almostfamous.co.uk
        DocumentRoot c:/apache/htdocs
        ServerName *.almostfamous.co.uk
  • Add a second vhost for the dyndns.org domain:
    <virtualhost *>
        ServerName mydomain.no-ip.org
            ProxyRequests on
    ProxyVia On
            NoCache *
            ProxyPass       /
            ProxyPassReverse        /
            ProxyReceiveBufferSize 2048
  • Now install Apache (or IIS if you’re really crazy) on the second computer and restart Apache on the main server. It’s not my job to configure the secondary server.


  • If the internal IP addresses are dynamic, then the owner of the secondary server needs to be able to edit the httpd.conf of the primary one.
  • If the external IP address is dynamic, then both server owners need to ensure their respective domains are forwarding to the correct IP address.
  • Both servers need to be online for the secondary server to work from outside.

Hopefully this will help somebody. If not, it’ll at least remind me what to do when I need to set this up next time.

10 June 2004 21:16 Please remind me

I’ve been forgetting to attend quite a few events recently, so will somebody please remind me to go to the Linux Users Group in Leeds on Monday? It’s on advanced IP routing and then Exim mailing lists – both of which I really want to learn about.

Talking of dates, I finally have a date for finishing work – July 14th. So in just over a month’s time I’ll be free to relax and start sleeping student hours rather than working hours.

09 June 2004 20:07 Firefox

So apparently Firefox 0.9 is out, but that’s not what the website says – it’s only a release candidate that is out. However, whilst considering whether to download it I did find something rather amusing. Copy and paste http%3A//ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/0.8/FirefoxSetup-0.8.exe into the Firefox address bar Now is that a bug or a feature?

Update Right, anyway – I did decide to install it, and I’m not too pleased. Sure it’s kept my bookmarks for once – but I now have no extensions again, and still have the bug leftover from the tab browser extension in 0.8. Plus the new theme wastes valuable screen space, and the bit where the Bloglines icon used to be now checks for Firefox updates. I’m now going to uninstall and then do a clean install of 0.8 – hopefully that will get rid of the tabs problem and allow me to keep my extensions.

06 June 2004 13:04 Iceland booked

As an E-Commerce student and geek I’m supposed to be a fan of e-everything aren’t I? Well when booking holidays it’s just not the same. I have an entire holiday booked in Iceland and will get nothing through in the post. Itinery is as follows:-

4 September Bradford-Heathrow-Keflavik-Reykjavik
5 September Reykjavik-Akureyri
9 September Akureyri-Reykjavik
10 September Reykjavik-Keflavik-Heathrow-Bradford

The question now is how do I concentrate on getting work done between the end of July and then, and also – how do I decide when to end my job?

05 June 2004 18:11 Home Time

It’s been a surprisingly nice day. I’ve completed my book on quantum physics, which had a rather poor conclusion – “We still don’t know anything”. I’ve also been listening to Almost Famous radio all day, just about. I’d rather got used to a 725k internet connection – suddenly having to use 512k was a big shock, even if it is only being used by one person. The slower connection is meaning I can’t play my custom stream from the DJ’s section of the site.

Off to a BBQ shortly, then booking tickets to Iceland tomorrow. My sister is enouraging me to go for the horse-riding trip rather than doing my own thing. I’m still not convinced.

03 June 2004 23:09 Random post

It’s 11:30PM and it’s still light in Reykjavik. I’m booking my tickets to Akureyri this weekend.

There’s so many great audio pieces out there at the moment. I’m starting to feel inspired again. Quote from this linked mix – “How come whenever somebody named Bush becomes present lots of people die?”

Got a new bike, needs a little work doing on it though.

Need to pick a final year project.

Kitten to win Big Brother.

Iceland to win the football match on Saturday.

My manager’s mum is a great cook.

Feeling quite random, can you tell?

13:13 Brighton 2004

Brighton 2004
“Come to the seaside to Vote for Trade Justice this September”
To push trade justice up the political agenda, the Trade Justice
Movement (TJM) is inviting thousands of campaigners to come to Brighton
this September, for the opening day of the Labour Party Conference. TJM
plans include international speakers, celebrities and a host of