How to sleep luxuriously

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Getting a good night sleep is so important for our bodies and our brains. Even more so in this day and age as there is so many things that can cause us to have a disrupted sleep which over the long term causes us to be feel tired and rundown at best and at worst can cause a multitude of medical issues.  There is times when we all ask ourselves how to sleep better and the answer is common sense. We all know how important it is but as with most things just because we know what is best for us sometimes we need a little nudge in the right direction.

There is many tried and tested tips on how to sleep better and whilst some work better than others by the time you have finished this article you will be well on the way to getting some of the best night’s sleep since you were a baby.

One of the biggest causes of poor sleep is too much exposure to light just before your bedtime. Many of us now use tablets, e-readers and even our phones whilst we try to doze off. A lot of people are unaware that the blue light that comes from modern screens such as our phones and tablets is detrimental to our sleep patterns. To combat this you should turn off anything with a back lit screen for at least 1-2 hours before bed as the darker it is when you are trying to sleep the more melatonin your brain will secrete. Melatonin allows you to become drowsy and helps give you a more solid night’s sleep.

The setup of your bedroom is also very important and for similar reasons as above the first thing you should do when creating your bedroom is shut out as much light as possible. If your curtains are too thin and let in light you should think about buying some thicker lined curtains.  Equally important is choosing the correct mattress, you will spend your entire night sleeping (or trying to sleep) on your mattress so I can’t stress enough the impact that having a mattress which suits you has on how well you sleep.

There is many different styles of mattress but to begin with you would need to work out how you normally sleep.  For instance if you mainly sleep on your back or your stomach then a firm mattress will be best for you as it gives you added support and you will feel as though you are laying ‘on’ the mattress rather than in it. If you mainly sleep on your side or vary your style throughout the night then a soft mattress would suit you better.

Once you have decided on how firm you would like your mattress then you should choose the style of the mattress you want. Memory foam mattresses have been gaining in popularity immensely over the last few years and for good reason as if you buy the right one they can be the most comfortable mattresses around. You have to be careful because some of the cheaper memory foam mattresses can trap the heat, especially in the summer months so can make the user rather hot throughout the night but the more expensive ones on the whole do not suffer from this issue.

An alternative to the memory foam mattress is the traditional innerspring mattress. Although innerspring mattresses have been about for many years now there have been many improvements in the design and more importantly the support in recent years. Do not be persuaded by some of the unscrupulous salespeople who claim it is the number of coils that determines how good the mattress is because it is not true. The best mattresses in this range are determined by the materials which are used in the top section and the coil type.

Another tip for how to sleep better is to try and stick to a regular bedtime. I know, I know we all heard it time and time again as a child but it really is true. When we go to bed and wake up the same time each day our body gets into a sleeping pattern which in turn keeps us more alert throughout the days as our body knows it will get a full night’s sleep at its usual time. It is important to try and stick to this routine including over the weekends even if you have to add it to your to-do list.

Luxury Bedding

luxury bedding

The condition of luxury beds is the major condition to how well we sleep every night. Everyone that knows bed too well always have quality of sleep every night compare to those who don’t know much on bed. Those who know about bedding know the important of material, weave and thread count. It won’t be good to spend high income on bedding without know what you are investing into, knowing your bed will cost you less and a comfortable night sleep

That being said, the world of luxury bed is well packed with so much of items that it can be confuse people that don’t know much in choosing a luxury bed. Websites like certainly help to make decisions. To prevent confusion when choosing your bed, read on to know the tips of choosing a perfect luxury bed.


The material matters a lot when choosing your bed, materials always makes difference in luxury bedding when it comes to choosing luxury bedding. Material like the Egyptian cotton fiber is a really good material for bed because its build to survive the everyday use for the softness into every inch of the bed. Unlike cashmere, linen and while silk which are more difficult in maintaining in day-to-day use.


The perfect weave is what goes along with luxury bed, for everyone that loves to sleep on a fresh and comfortable bed, a cotton percale sheets is a perfect choice. A cotton percale sheets are firmly woven, stay cool and fresh to touch. Another good idea of weaves is cotton sateen sheets for the smooth and a soft fabric with slight sheen. The soft and texture of the weaves are not the only important part of it; the visual part of the weave is also important. Weaves that feature nice large scale medallions or a grand floral design are also a perfect choice; a good example is Woven jacquard patterns.


Other than material, the most significant contrast between luxury bedding and different linens is craftsmanship. It takes skillful artisans to cut and sew a quality design. They work hard on every last line and give the best design without any mistake. With different craftsmanship bands over the city, one will need a review on each and everyone to know which one makes a perfect design and with the highest rating; a best craftsmanship will give a perfect design for a luxury bed.


In choosing your luxury bed, higher number of thread count is important. The higher the thread count, the more nearly the yarns will be nestled together in the completed fabric. A high thread count will give a smooth touch. Though some thread makers contort their yarns together in order the increase the quantity of thread per inch (squarely). Not to get confused, increasing the number of threads doesn’t add more to the comfort of the night sleep. It’s important to focus on quality raw material which makes the luxury bed perfect.


Getting just a luxury bed is not just enough, been comfortable also matters. It’s important to also add along soft pillows of the same luxury bedding collection and other comforters that are of the same quality with the bed to get the best softest and most comfortable experience.